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Formula One (also known as Formula 1 or F1) is the highest class of international single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and owned by the Formula One Group. The World Drivers' Championship, which became the FIA Formula One World Championship in 1981, has been one of the premier forms of racing around the world since its inaugural season in 1950.

A former employee said this in a review: "I was not happy because we didn't get time to go on lunch. We were working non stop, there were no benefits if you didn't come at work for serious reason you will not get paid. Working at Formula 1 is a thing that I don't recommend".


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Washing cars (Former Employee) says

"I was not happy because we ddnt get time to go on lunch we were working non stop there were no benefits if you ddnt come at work for serious reason you not getting paid"

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I worked at Formula 1 Furniche for less than a year Cons: Regarding your payment: expect low pay, slow payment, withholding of payment, short-changed. Regarding your working hours: expect long hours, odd-hours, frequent changes to working hours. Regarding your workload: expect to do anything and everything, even out-of-scope work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Formula 1 Furniche full-time Cons: I heard they mistreat the animals"

Former Contractor - Executive says

"I worked at Formula 1 Furniche for less than a year Cons: Owner is mental Owner threatens to sue everyone Very very shady employment contract Contract terms such as 14 weeks notice period, and verbally abuses people. When employee cannot tolerate and wants to leave, he/she is sued for breaking contract terms for $10,000 Threatens people via multiple email accounts impersonating as lawyers, HR to intimidate younger and inexperienced employees/students There were many highly negative reviews and stories shared by many other people before, but they have somehow magically disappeared over the course of time. Check with MOM and you will know how blacklisted this company is. They probably receive complaints about them on a regular basis"

Helen Ferguson says

"Don't buy your tickets from - despite the claim of 'The Official Home of Formula 1' all over the website, they are in fact just resellers. I found this out the hard way when I tried to Claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act for tickets to a Grand Prix that didn't happen. (You must pay the supplier directly to be covered). After 8 months(!) I finally managed to get some of the money back from them myself but they then had the cheek to charge me a percentage to process the refund. (So basically I loaned them £400 for 8 months AND paid £70 for the privilege!) So please, buy direct from the tracks if you want to go. You'll get better service and usually a choice of seats and a lanyard ticket holder etc."

Raye Ackerman says

"Do not trust this Scammers. They are crooks. They double charge subscriptions and it's taken weeks of emails back and forth and we still don't have our refund. This, after we cancelled the subscription yet they still auto renewed. They send an email every 5 days asking for one more piece of information then ignore you for 5 days. Stay away from them. We've initiated a chargeback with CC company."

Jacob Dalgaard says

"I Hate to feel ripped off and now I’m happy that I didn’t subscribe to the pro package tv access. They will charge me 6 times the price, what they’d charge an Indian citizen and It doesn’t even seem as if that they includeded the Danish VAT - so no real reason for price difference. The only reason is that Danish people have a higher median income, so Formula one thought it could take advantage."

Jayne Nicholson says

"Is this going to be a repeat of when Rosberg won by Mercedes fixing the cars to get a result for a ⁷, Hamilton suffered"

Anders Engberg Beider says

"I paid for a TV pro, but after payment, it didn't change. I had no service and therefore I couldn't access their archives. I reached out to F1 to ask what to do. They told me I had to contact Apple instead of them because I paid through the app itself with my Apple account. When I spoke with Apple they literally told me I was 1 of many that have complained about the F1 subscription problem. But since it is a service and not a product I have paid for Apple can't refund me because of the money already has been wired to F1. I contacted F1 again, showed them what Apple said and they simply just ignored me. I received an email regarding "how did we resolve your case" survey where I scolded them for ignoring me and advising me incorrectly. They then wrote back, told me to send them all kinds of information I already had send them. Like they didn't care to read the entire case. I explained myself again, they told me to try some things in settings on my phone and in their app, when that didn't work they told me to contact Apple again. I showed them what Apple said and to that, they stopped replying me again. A week goes by and I write them an email, asking for a refund. Yet again I have to send them the same information of who I am, and receipt and confirmation of purchase. I do it the 3rd time. This time I ask them why they can't just change my account to being active for their service in a month, which I can prove I have paid for. Why do I need to get a refund first, to then try again? This question is ignored completely and I am asked to contact Apple for a refund. This is the point where I am about to completely lose my sh**. I send yet again the answer from Apple to them and I instantly get ignored. Two days go by, and now I received the email "how did we resolve your case" survey, but when clicking the email link it tells me the survey has already been answered. They stole my money from me, didn't care to help or read the case, acted like a bunch of kids in general, gave the same solution 3 times that wouldn't help, completely ignored me, and in the end, made their own response to their own survey. I can't even comprehend how corrupt this business is. I am a big fan, a really big fan, of F1 but this has really made me look at them differently. I wouldn't be surprised if the races are not match-fixing when they can literally steal the money from their fans. I'm shocked and in disbelief. Never again will I subscribe to them."

Pia Jørgensen says

"DO NOT BUY YOUR F1 TICKETS HERE! Customer service is poor (if you get any) Tickets are very expensive You don't get to choose your seats = you get the bad seats! Cannot be recommended at all...! (Buy your tickets at the race tracks website = cheaper, pick your own seats AND top service!) In danish: Lad være! De tager røven på dig og du betaler big time for dårlig service. Gå ind på banernes hjemmeside og køb billetter der. Det er både bedre og billigere på alle måder! (og ja jeg har handlet både hos F1 og hos forskellige baner flere gange...)"

Jensen says

"Terrible! I have dropped my cable TV and expected to be able to use some sort of streaming service to watch F1 on my TV. Turns out that the company that has the local rights, charges way more than i would ever want to pay for this (over $50 a month!) I then went with paying for F1TV pro, and expected the worse, but coverage was decent, and quality was alright. They don't have any casting support though, and expect me to watch it on a phone, tablet or PC.. Of all the streaming services, F1 should be the ones to know that F1 fans won't watch the race on a phone.. For a company who boasts of being on the cutting edge of technology, this is unacceptable! Also.. while we're on the subject of technology - it was a great idea to test stream the Mexico GP on twitch to a 6 countries but why even do it, if the language is locked to just Swedish? F1 seems to really try to behave very sluggish and has become way too large and complicated for its own good."

Daniel Threms says

"Really crap app. Canon se live race, evne when the app is not Down,,,"

Esa Illoinen says

"Rip-off! Service has gone worse year by year, obviously trying to milk money through making people subscribe rather than just visit. Lately it has become impossible to even access the site shortly before a live session starts, let alone follow live timing. Pathetic."

Forestier says

"the hotel formule1 saint priest is very old, not at all contemporary. the keys do not work so well. Let's not talk about the air conditioning that apparently works well, so that it flowed all night. After that the manager dares to talk to me badly and he is not at all friendly. I will never come back again. I strongly recommend this hotel"

elizabeth murphy says

"bought F1 tickets through and didnlt get my tickets , over $1500 spent and so far nothing despite paying $30 for DHL delivery weeks ago this company a fraud ?"

BurningRubb3r says

"The idea of their service is great. Being able to spectate drivers and radios etc. Is really damn awesome. But as soon as you live in a different country than your payment method, you have no possibilities to enjoy their services. I tried buying the subscription for their service, but I was not able to since my Creditcard is Dutch and I live in Belgium/Germany. I have contacted their customer support multiple times and they ignore my questions or forward me to different platforms like Google etc. instead of helping with my issue. Since I was not able to actually use the service and the customer support is not at all helping, I am sorry to say that I cannot give more than 1 star. If they stop ignoring my questions and actually help me, I will raise the stars. For now, it's a bad customer service. UPDATE: I have been trying to contact them for a duration of a year now, but they are still fully ignoring my question. I gave up on this service. Their customer service is non-existent."

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